La Casa de Papel Arturo Román

Arturo Román is the director of the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

He considers himself a good boss, a good husband, a good father and, above all, a good lover. Scared, selfish and cowardly, they have a character that upsets everyone. He always comes up with absurd ideas that will lead to endanger his peers on more than one occasion, he is considered annoying and unbearable during the series and the public wanted him to die on more than one occasion (Or that Helsinki violates him anally ).

Married with his wife, Laura, and with three children born by artificial insemination, Arturo leads a happy life, especially for his adventure with his secretary, Monica Gaztambide. When she tells him she is pregnant, he can not believe it and refuses to accept it. But he will regret it when the robbers arrive.

During the robbery, Arturo can not think of anything but crazy ideas that endanger his life and those of his companions. He is continually making a mistake.

From the first moment he will hit Denver, and more when he discovers that Monica feels something very strong for him. He will face him and try to kill him, but he will not get it and will pay the consequences.

Probably the hostage that has suffered the most damage.

Arturo is married and has three children.

But he also has a lover, his secretary Monica Gaztambide. He has had a relationship with her for a long time and, despite being in love with her, is not able to leave his wife to be with Monica. It also leaves her pregnant, which complicates things even more.

In the end, his lover leaves him and probably, after discovering his infidelity, his wife too.