La Casa de Papel Denver

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La Casa de Papel Denver real name

Denver “is one of the members of robbers to the National Currency and Stamp Factory, the” time bomb “of the robbery, the son of Moscow.

At first glance it looks like the common criminal, king of street fights. He has tried all the drugs and trafficked them. With that particular laugh and in spite of everything, he has a big heart and would do anything for those he cares about.

Macarra of outskirts, a bit short-sighted and impulsive. He alternated his youth between the botellones of the parking of the Caprabo and the barracks of the fair. He flirted with all possible drugs and perhaps for such abuse, there is a connection in his brain that jumps “in an irascible way” for no reason. It generates tension where it happens, and it is better not to deal excessively with it. His father is his only anchor with humanity and feelings. I would do anything for him.

His real name is Daniel Ramos. It has always been the ‘badass’, the one who always gets into fights. He was raised by his father when he abandoned his mother in a roundabout because she wanted to buy drugs. This was a secret that he did not know, he always thought that it was his mother who had abandoned them, that is why he gets so angry with his father when he discovers him. He was a complicated child. He went through several schools for sticking with his classmates. His father takes him with him in the Professor‘s plan because he has problems with some traffickers.

When his father dies after a confrontation with the police, he is the one who most sunk in the group.

He is one of the robbers who gets out with the money.

He has had many relationships with women throughout his life, but none has lasted.

During the robbery he meets Monica Gaztambide, Factory Secretary and hostage. When they send him to kill her, he is unable to do so and decides to hide her in a strong chamber. Little by little their relationship will grow stronger to the point of falling in love with her, and she with him. This will cause jealousy in Arturo Roman, since Monica was his lover and she was pregnant with him. Problems also arise when Moscow tries to convince Denver that this relationship can not work.

A few days later he proposes marriage, promising that he will take care of his son forever, and she accepts. For the love she feels towards him, Monica becomes a robber and they leave the factory with the money and a life together ahead of them.