La Casa de Papel Mónica Gaztambide

La Casa de Papel Mónica Gaztambide actor

La Casa de Papel Mónica Gaztambide real name

Monica Gaztambide is the secretary of the director of the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

Monica is the typical woman who always chooses badly. She is educated and kind, always patient to build a good future. He never gets into trouble or mounts scandals. But, in spite of everything, it always surprises.

Mónica works as secretary of Arturo Román, director of the Factory, who is her lover and father of the son she is waiting for. At first, he does everything Arturo says. When he thinks of stealing a cell phone in the middle of the robbery, he tells her to do it and in the end she gets caught. Berlin forces Denver to kill her, but he is not capable and hides her in a camera. There he will spend most of the robbery, in the company of Denver and falling in love little by little with him. In the end, for his love to the robber happens to become an ally under the name of “Stockholm.”

She is the only hostage who goes to the side of the robbers, leaving Arturo, escaping with Denver and living happily with him.

Monica’s first known relationship is with her boss, Arturo Román, the director of the factory. She was his mistress and she becomes pregnant with him, which he rejects.

But his true love is Denver. He knows him when he enters with the rest of the robbers to the Factory. When she takes Arturo’s cell phone and they catch her, she is sent for him, but in the end he saves her. Little by little they will get closer to the point of being the one who takes the first step in the relationship and to sleep with him. Because of this, Denver asks for her marriage and offers to be the father of her son, for what she accepts.

In the end, both escape happy and live a life together.