La Casa de Papel Nairobi

La Casa de Papel Nairobi actor

La Casa de Papel Nairobi real name

“Nairobi” is one of the robber members of the National Currency and Stamp Factory. She is the expert forger of the group.

She is a fighter woman, the energy made person. Her personal charisma makes everyone get along with her, except Berlin, of course. He’s not going to let this robbery go wrong for the world.

His real name is Ágata Jiménez. She started to falsify bills very young and since then she has been very much in demand. She became pregnant and was abandoned by her partner. After passing through prison, he lost custody of his son and with this robbery he intends to recover him.

It has a very good relationship with Helsinki, quite the opposite of Berlin.

She is one of the robbers who manages to escape with the money.