10 Things You Need To Know About Pokémon Sun And Moon

8. Battling

Sun and Moon certainly boast the best visuals in the series to date and while the bump in presentation make Pokémon  battles even more fun and engaging than they were already, there are some important quality of life enhancements that make the act of battling better than it’s ever been. The most important change is the introduction of a type effectiveness indicator. Unlike every other Pokémon game, in which you have to constantly look up or memorize which moves and types are effective in a given situation, the system in Sun and Moon automatically charts a move’s effectiveness after the first time you use it against a specific Pokémon.

In practice, this takes the annoying guessing work out of battles and lets you know right away whether or not a fire move is going to be effective against a water type Pokémon  (hint: it’s not). This may sound like a needless oversimplification to some players, but considering just how many different Pokémon  types have been introduced over the years, this feature will likely be accepted with open arms by the Pokémon community at large.