The ‘Shameless’ Gallaghers Are More Relatable Than Ever Going Into Season 9

Fiona: Furiously Backpeddling Into Relationship Rock Bottom


By no choice of her own, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) became the maternal figure for the Gallagher kids from a very early age. As such, she’s always placed others’ needs before her own, and we saw how surprised she was to not even know her own taste while decorating her first solo apartment. Naturally, her romantic life has been a disaster so far, including these main players: Steve/Jimmy (Justin Chatwin), a prolific liar and rich-boy-turned-car-thief with dark, dueling personas who disappeared into thin air; Gus (Steve Kazee), who she married after knowing him for a few days; and Sean (Dermot Mulroney), the addict whose continuing love affair with heroin surfaced at the altar.

After cruising Tinder for a while and accepting sex instead of love like a true codependent, Fiona set her sights on finding a real connection and a healthy relationship but found anything but that. Ford (Richard Flood), the Irish carpenter and architectural genius, may still be hoodwinking viewers, but I’m not fooled. He swooped in and convinced Fiona that he’s not only after sex by resisting her first advances … which she only made after he took her into his bed while they romantically stared up artwork on the ceiling.

Oh, Fiona. She fell for Ford’s “good guy” act, hook, line, and panty sinker, and wasn’t deterred while attending a get-together that saw Ford surrounded by a “harem” of adoring ex-girlfriends. Not only that, but Fiona found out that Ford has bizarrely impregnated several lesbians in the vicinity. Still and despite all of the red flags of Ford being a “collector,” Fiona’s still game, and they eventually did the deed (a lot) before he warded off her expressed desire for him be “madly in love” with her while insisting that he’ll never again be a “lovesick teen.”

Lady, this man is nothing but trouble.

The real danger lies in the unfortunate fact that, outwardly, Ford represents the most functional, healthy relationships that Fiona’s ever had, mostly because he’s truthful about not loving her. So, she’s accepted the insidious fellow and all his female hangers-on, despite her real desire for true, monogamous love. Given that Flood has been promoted to series regular in season nine, there’s every possibility that despite all of Ford’s furniture counseling and advice to find herself, rather than continue to fret over her family, he may actually destroy her budding sense of self in the end.

Will Fiona Hit Relationship Rock Bottom With Ford? It is likely. She diddecide to reclaim her familial identity to “go Gallagher” during the series finale while ejecting a family from her building who was playing dirty with a bullsh*t lawsuit. Is this a sign that she’ll shake off Ford’s influence next season? Sadly, the signs point to “no.” After all, she was ready to take back Mulroney’s Sean when he recently resurfaced to make amends until she learned he was already married (after one year away — a classic Shameless move), so it’s safe to guess that Fiona can recognize everyone else’s needs except her own.