10 Pokemon Gym You Need to Conquer in Malaysia

1. Merdeka Square

Eventually everyone will face the mid-game of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Trainer seeking out to battle than to catch Pokemon at the wild. Visiting one of the historic place as Merdeka Square or locally known as Padang Merdeka is absolutely awesome.

Pokemon Go inspired and lead author to Padang Merdeka. The way of it is much more overwhelmingly fun than opening Google maps.
2. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

While waiting at the bustling KLIA 2. Open up Pokemon Go app and start to catch some Pokemon accidentally discovered KLIA 2 has a Pokemon Gym.

3. Petronas Twin Tower

Giant buildings all over the place. KLCC is a place must visit. there is a park within the city for you to take some walk and watch the beautiful scenery and unbelievable fountains.