A Pokemon Go Story “How Pokémon Go saved my cat’s life”

Today we read a beautiful story from Imgur. Good for you man!!

Hello people of Imgur! So this summer I started playing Pokémon Go (as everyone when it launched) and decided to go for a stroll in my hometown.


In my city it gets really warm in the summer. In fact, it was so hot that playing with my phone outside so much actually broke my phone (a number of issues appeared, one of those being my headphone jack being busted, I didn’t care much because of warranty so kept playing).
At the time it was about 43º C outside. Because my phone was broken I didn’t take my headphones as usually so I just played music from the speakers (my city doesn’t have many people wandering the streets when it’s 43º C outside so I won’t bother anyone).

As I was passing by an electricity post I heard what I thought it was a bird. But I found it very strange since I could not see any bird and besides that it should be way too hot for a bird to be chirping around. So I went back and investigated.

What I found was a kitty crying for help. It had his head stuck in the junction between the top side and the bottom side of the post. It was hanging only by his head. We have no idea how the hell did it get in that situation.

It must have been there for a long time, since it barely had energy to cry. Its mouth was open wide, it did not close it. I only knew it was alive by its cry for help.