Ash vs Red (The difference between both trainers)

When it comes down to which trainer is the best, obviously hardcore fans of Pokemon will say that Red is the better trainer as he’s the glorified manga/gba character that we all love and wished to see a longer story of. Ash is more charismatic and for the emotional story as Red is mainly for the older players looking for a strong edgy trainer to watch. Since the start of Pokemon we’ve seen Ash make mistakes such as waking up too late and missing out on the opportunity to have one of the 3 main starter Pokemon even though he got an amazing Pikachu.

While Ash does not have the accomplishments of Red such as becoming champion and defeating team rocket, Ash does have far more badges and has beaten some great trainers in the process of making great friends and is also favored by the majority of the fan base. Why would Ash be favored over Red? Because of all the classic adventures he’s been on in the Pokemon anime series.

Some Notable differences:

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