Be Careful: Gen 2 Pokemon Transfer

Recently Niantic has decided to remove some moves from the game that stood as a clear signal of Gen 2 Pokemon coming when the original data mine had been leaked. While the event has evolved some cool baby Pokemon some moves they added with these pokemon have been removed from the game.

It was originally speculated that Gen 2 pokemon would be released all together though it turned out to just be a baby pokemon release.

The Silph Road has been great with data mining the games source code for interesting features to come out in the future. While they originally found the Gen 2 pokemon sprites and move sets, they also reported that the sprites have been removed along with most move sets.

These moves that have been removed will be unique as you won’t be able to get them until the full Gen 2 release has come as Gen 2 will require additional moves. Even then we aren’t too sure new spawns will actually get some of the removed moves back.

I think some moves were removed due to some of them not actually being used in the anime. There’s not a clear reason though these moves are considered to be Legacy moves which are unique for trainers who love to have stuff to collect.