Breeding Will be the Perfect Event for Pokemon GO this Valentine Season

It’s become more than a little clear that unless Pokémon GO is actively throwing events, it’s actively dying. Players have increasingly little reason to play during “normal” times of the game now, and with the last event ending in early January, it seems almost inevitable that Niantic is going to try and re-spark interest with yet another event based on a Western holiday; this time, Valentine’s Day.

While nothing’s been officially announced yet, I would expect some hints to start dropping in the next week, with the event maybe starting around the 10th or so, as that’s usually how these things go. Niantic has shown they don’t really like doing the same thing twice for events, at least so far, so that leaves many to wonder exactly what a Valentine’s Day event might hold. And I have an idea.

Yes, obviously the “dream” is to have Niantic debut Gen 2 or Legendary Pokémon at last, but assuming that doesn’t happen (which seems like a safe bet), I think that this might be time to introduce Pokémon breeding into GO. It certainly would be in keeping with the theme of the holiday, and if you don’t know why, I’m not going to explain the birds and the Beedrills to you. Suffice to say, when two Pokémon love each other very much they create a little egg that hatches into a new Pokémon.

The system has gone through many iterations in the handheld games from Gen II to Gen VI, but like everything else in the game, there’s a way it could be streamlined and Pokémon GO-ified for use in Niantic’s title.