Carey Hart Net Worth

Carey Hart’s net worth: Carey Hart is a US freestyle motocross racer and off-road racer with a net worth of $ 20 million. Born in Seal Beach, California, in 1975, Carey Hart‘s father gave him a motorcycle when he was four years old and was competing at the age of six. When Hart was 18, he had become a professional runner who participated in the AMA supercross circuit, and later became one of the first to participate in freestyle motocross. Hart gained fame by becoming the first person to complete the “grabbing of superman seats” in public at the IFMA events in 1988-1999 and later in the “superman’s reversal” at the 1999 Gravity Games. That trick now bears his name and is known as the Hart Attack. Hart appeared on the reality TV show “Inked” after he and his friend opened the tattoo company Hart & Huntington in Las Vegas. Later they launched their own clothing line based on the store. He has appeared in numerous promotions for a variety of companies, including Dunkin ‘Donuts, Ford, Mountain Dew and Fox. He has been in several music videos, including at least five with his wife, P!Nk. He and Pink met at the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and got married in 2006. Two years later they announced their separation, but they met and revealed the birth of their daughter, Willow, in 2011. He has suffered numerous injuries during the year. Throughout his career, including broken ribs, arms, legs, severe blood clotting and fractured coccyx. P!Nk announced that he was expecting the couple’s second child in 2016.