6 checks when buying a used car in UAE

From the exterior to the dashboard – what to look for when checking out a second-hand car

Shuchita Kapur
Published Monday, September 15, 2014
True car lovers will only vouch for buying brand new cars equipped with the latest technology.

Used machines depreciate, they believe, and will only give you a lot of heartache and headache as you discover a new problem each day.

This is true, especially for those who, to begin with, are true car lovers and of course have the money to drive a new set of wheels every two years.

For the rest, who consider a car as only a medium to take them from point A to B, from their homes to office and to the grocery store, a used car at a fraction of the original price makes practical and economic sense.

Buying a used car is not a bad idea and, with a bit of research and caution, you can still drive second-hand wheels without all the associated problems that keep the car and technology enthusiasts at bay.

Here are six important things that you should remember when going in for a used car to avoid the frequent garage visits.

#1 Check the exterior of the car

The exterior of the car can tell you a lot about what to expect when you open its doors.

The upkeep of the car will speak of the engine maintenance and its overall health and a little bit of attentiveness can also reveal the difference between the original and a new coat of paint.

According to Al Futtaim Automall, a pre-owned cars dealer in the UAE, you should carefully check the exterior paintwork for fading, rust, dents and scratches.

“Study the car surface from its four corners. Any waviness spotted in the body paint indicates new paintwork.

“Also, run your finger along the edges of the joints, between the panels, feeling for roughness which is created from leftover masking tape, another tell-tale sign of a recent paint touch-up,” experts at the company says.

If you can feel a new layer of paint on top of the original paint, be wary of red flags. The car has probably been in an accident.

Examine the chassis of the car very carefully.

“Never buy the car if there is any kind of damage to the chassis because that car will generally not be given a green light by car registration and inspection authorities, particularly in UAE,” says Hassan Siddiqi, Business Head, www.yallamotor.com