Error! After Walking 1000KM with Buddy Pokemon

Trainers wanting to walk their buddy for maximum candy should have a positive mind set knowing they will reach the desired candy they need. While other trainers are out to set some goals for distance walked.

One trainer has walked a total of 993 KM and ran into a strange bug that doesn’t seem to allow trainers to achieve this goal. The picture below shows that even though he continued walking his buddy between 2am and 4am, the buddy actually lost distance.

We are unsure if this is a temporary bug or just an issue that passed by Niantics system. This could be a buzz kill for any trainer pursuing the same goal as this trainer, we are hoping that this issue does get resolved, as for now there are no answers.

He even mentioned how he stopped receiving buddy candies all together. Even though eggs are still hatching, the buddy isn’t gaining distance and he’s no longer gaining candies.

read from reddit.