Explained: Inside of A Pokeball – How It Really Is?

So, I have been thinking about Pokémon recently and the age old question, “What happens inside a Pokéball?”, started to pick my brain, so, being a writer, I set off on my quest to find the truth. There are many theories about this, each with there own holes but we are going to focus on the two most popular and settle this once and for all. Let’s start with the converting to energy theory.

Many people believe this theory to be the case because of the way the Pokémon enter and exit the Pokéball, as you all know, when a Pokémon exits a Pokéball it does in the form of a white energy-type beam, the same can be said for entering one except that the beam is red. The red beams are believed to be converting the Pokémon into some sort of energy or data and the white beams convert them back, this would make the Pokéball a fancier looking external hard drive.

If we were to assume that this theory is the correct, but you change the converted state from energy to data, then it would also explain how you can transfer your Pokémon into the bank, all you would have to do is sync your Pokéballs to the computer and transfer the data.

You could argue that the bank you deposit into is just an interface and the Pokémon centre acts like a daycare and holds your Pokémon until you withdraw them, if this was the case then the whole computer system would not be needed, the data theory also explains the need for computers in the Pokémon centre in the first place, ones and zeros everywhere.