First Us City About To Ban Pokemon Go. Is This What Democracy Should Look Like?

Recently, a man was arrested in Russia for playing Pokemon Go in a church, and it’s looking like he might be seeing some jail time. His actions allegedly violated a law that forbids abasement of human dignity. In the aftermath of the Russian kerfuffle, one US city is actually considering banning the game altogether.

Whereas the Russian pokefan’s arrest had to do with him playing the game in a specific context, Des Moine, Washington is trying to make it impossible for anyone to play the game within city limits. City officials have organized a committee that is attempting to ‘opt out’ of the game by petitioning Niantic.

Their concerns stem from increased traffic problems in the city. Although Pokemon Go now periodically reminds Pokemon Masters not to drive while attempting to catch ‘em all, it seems like pocket monster addicts on the go are willing to put their own lives and the lives of others at risk in their quest to be the very best.

More specifically, South King County city’s marina and beach park have been flooded with an unprecedented number of people day and night. Although the quiet region used to be a popular haunt for a handful of fishermen and boating enthusiasts, now hundreds of gamers swarm the area on a daily basis.

And now Washington’s city-appointed committee is petitioning Niantic to remove the game’s functionality from the city.