Get The Most Out Of Incubators

Hatching eggs is the most efficient way of getting candies. It’s a bit more random than actually catching a Pokemon but definitely better. Depending on which egg you have, the amount of candies may very. For 2km eggs, you should expect around 10-16, 5km eggs 16-24, and 10km eggs 24-32 candies. Of course, the Pokemon candies you get will correspond the Pokemon hatched and you can’t predict or choose the Pokemon that hatches.

Incubators may start getting expensive depending on how you choose to put Pokemon in the incubating system. We have the one infinite incubator which is nice but doesn’t get the job done if you have more than one egg.

How can you save a little extra money, but still hatch a decent amount of Pokemon at the same time? It doesn’t really seem possible, does it? Well, it is, though, it can get a bit redundant from time to time. This technique requires saving the eggs you put in incubators. Continue to the next page to read the steps of what to do.

This technique is meant to spend as less real money on the game as possible. If you are lucky enough to collect from gyms every day, this should help utilize the amount of currency going towards the incubators.

  1. With an empty egg inventory, stock up on nine eggs
  2. Use the infinite incubator on 2km eggs, only put 2km eggs in the infinite hatch all 2km eggs
  3.  Now you should have all 5 and 10km eggs in your inventory, buy eight incubators and put only 5km eggs in
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have about 4 10km eggs (or 9). Hatch all 10km eggs at once, replace open incubator slots with 5km eggs and 2km eggs, remember 2km eggs go in the infinite incubator