Guide To Buying A Used Car In UAE

The used car market in the UAE is growing, especially in the wake of the financial downturn.

The used car market here in the UAE is growing, especially in the wake of the global financial downturn.

Why buy used?

Many people now have less cash to spend on a brand new car. This makes it wiser for them to let a vehicle’s first owner swallow the depreciation curve tragedies and turn it into their own happy endings.

Secondly, diving into the used car market, accompanied by breathe-holding patience, can reveal great treasures to be had. Hunt carefully and there are gems to be found out there for so little that it makes them steals…

Where to buy?

Nowadays, there are various sources to get your ‘new’ second-hand car. These sources vary in the amount of guaranteed quality you expect out of the cars.

At the top of the pyramid are the dealers’ approved schemes. Nearly every respectable franchised dealer in the country now has a used car scheme.

This could be anything from a desk with a computer and a lonely bloke sat in the corner of a showroom (with the used cars being parked somewhere on a sandy piece of land), to a purpose-built showroom solely for used cars. Sometimes there could be a few square meters within a new car showroom devoted to used wheels.

These approved used car schemes, as they are called, present the most pristine-condition cars. The vehicles are usually sourced from their own customers who’ve either traded them in or want to sell them on as used.

What’s good news to anyone considering this route to buying their next car is that these dealers will only put on sale cars in good condition and, I hear, regularly serviced. They carry out multiple-point tests (you keep hearing of those 99-point checks, don’t you?) to ensure everything is as it such be under the skin and there’s no nasty mechanical surprises or poorly repaired crash-damage. And they’ll usually come with a warranty.

Appropriately, these cars tend to carry a marginally thicker price sticker than comparable examples elsewhere.