Joey Fatone Net Worth

Joey Fatone Net Worth: Joey Fatone, one of the most successful television personalities in the world, has an estimated net value of $ 14 million. He was born into an Italian-American family in Brooklyn. He is well known for the television host, singer and actor. He began to work as an interpreter in Universal Studios. He became close friends with Chris Kirkpatrick, his famous partner, who then introduced him to the boyband ‘N Sync.

The group “N Sync” added to its credit successes, such as “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Its gonna be me”, which led the Billboard Hot 100 in just a few days of its official release. Billboard awarded the tag “the album of 2000” to “N Sync’s No Strings Attack”, which was perceived as a historic achievement for the band.

Fatone also appeared as an actor in supporting roles in critically acclaimed projects such as The Cooler and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which were also great commercial successes around the world. Fatone also participated in Dancing with the Stars season 4, where he was able to reach second place here.

Joey Fatone net worth:

$14 Million