Just Got Married To A Girl I Met In Hougang While Playing Pokemon GO

A user submitted story.

She lived in Hougang while I lived in Bukit Batok. I remember it was August 12, Friday, me and a couple friends wanted to see what the hype in Hougang was all about – so we did the most logical and Singaporean thing, we went to kiasu a bit here a bit there.

We were supposed to meet at 9pm but oddly none of them came in the end because Gavin had girlfriend duties, Sam had guard duty and Gabriel was just being “dutiful” to all the ladies in Zouk.

Sorry, back to the main point.

So yeah, there I was, trying to hunt for a Snorlax (these were simpler times when I had no Poke-Radar), when I had to follow people, check sightings or just listen to some a$$h@t suddenly shout “EH GOT SNORLAX AH”… WHEN IT IS NOT EVEN TRUE.

…and that was how I met my wife, she was running like a siao zhabor and knocked her head against mine (can you imagine her just running while her head was just tilted down to look at her bloody phone and running like a mad cow??)

After knocking against me, she DID NOT EVEN APOLOGIZE… She just continued on her way because at that point of time, Snorlax was the God. All she wanted was to catch that fat and adorable Pokemon, putting even her life on the line. (The famous video where people jaywalk to catch Snorlax in Hougang? Ya she was inside.)

I chased after her and demanded an apology, but only after she got what she was looking for. While she was intently catching the Snorlax, I looked at her and thought to myself “Wa actually not bad ley”… And instead of feeling anger, I felt more shy as time passed and I was just… staring at how beautiful she looked.

She had lush blond hair, pink lips I would trade my life for to kiss, and I swore she had on the most seductive red dress I have EVER seen… She did look a little… Purple-lish pale though, maybe it was after all that running she did.

She caught me staring and I just looked at her dumbfoundedly…

She had an icy, cold, death stare…

She said something to me which I did not really understand, but I guess I was just caught up in her beauty? It doesn’t matter because I am the one who usually does the talking and strangely enough she just always listens and says the same thing.Fast forward to now, we got married recently and these are some of our wedding pictures at page 2