10 King Julien Quotes

King Julian Quotes

After much deep and profound brain things inside my head, I have decided to thank you for bringing peace to our homeland. And to make you feel good, I am offering you this lovely parting gift.
King Julian Quotes

Julien: To impress this girly monkey you must sweep her off her feet. Thats how I got my many girlfriends
Maurice: What girlfriends?
Julien: You don’t know them, they’re in Canada, but trust me when I say they’re made up- like with lipstick, powder & such but y’know, tastefully..
King Julien Quotes

King Julien: No one loves me!
Skipper: Oh, now that’s not…
King Julien: …as much as *I* love me.
Skipper: Oh. Well, that is true.
King Julien Quotes

King Julien: You can’t run round like a footless chicken!
Maurice: *Headless* chicken
King Julien: Uh no. How’s a chicken supposed to run round without a head?
Maurice: How’s it run round without feet?
King Julien: I’m not a chicken Maurice! Why are you asking me these questions!
King Julien Quotes

I can easily make up for the one hater.
I’ll just have to love myself twice as much!
Maurice- make sure that’s reflected in my schedule.
King Julien Quotes

King Julien: Okay, crazyish idea: you help me get out of this place.
Skipper: Team up, with you?
King Julien: I was thinking more like you do all the work, and I will watch with anticipation..
King Julien Quotes

King Julien: I hope you learned a lesson of value. Being a bully is no good.
Maurice: Wait a minute! You used Mort to bully everyone else!
King Julien: Maurice, we don’t play the blame game here.
King Julien Quotes

Sonya, baby! I don’t want to be king anymore!
I was so hung up on who I was, who you was, what you smell like.. when all that really matters… is what we smell like together!
King Julien Quotes

King Julien: Hey freaks. You will be very glad to hear that I am coming with you! Alex: Oh ho ho, no thank you.
King Julien: Uh, yes thank you. It’s my plane.
King Julian Quotes

And you know what else I would do?
I would invade a neighbouring country and impose my own ideology on them, even if they didn’t want it!
King Julien Quotes