Pokemon Go: More Candy For Higher Evolution Catches

During generation one you only got three candies for catching Pokemon. It didn’t matter rather or not the Pokemon was an evolved form, you would only get three candies. This made it harder to collect the candy of certain Pokemon because the flee rates of evolved forms are higher. Not to mention it just didn’t make sense for us to obtain the same amount of candy for catching a higher tier.

Well, now that generation two is out. Thankfully, that has changed. Right now, trainers are receiving 3 candies for the first form, 5 for the middle, and 10 for the final Pokemon forms. This could really help trainers collect the candy needed to power up the defenders. But, has anyone thought about how well the Pinap berry would work for catching evolved forms?

To get the most out of this new feature, save your Pinap berries for evolved Pokemon forms to get the most out of them. This would help trainers collect Pokemon that have three forms that are hard to find in the wild. You would be able to get ten candies with the Pinap berry, meaning you would only need about ten middle form catches.

How does this effect first generation? Not to worry, Niantic confirmed this even works for the first generations Pokemon. Still need a Dragonite? Well, don’t hope to find Dratini’s, start wishing to find Dragonair.