Pokémon GO EX Raids: 4 Things to Know

Pokémon GO EX Raids are easily the most exciting thing to come to Niantic’s iPhone and Android game in 2017. And, you need to master them before you can capture one of the game’s most powerful creatures.

Pokémon GO EX Raid Battles are very similar to the Raid Battles that Niantic launched early in 2017. They encourage you to work together with other people. In regular Raid Battles, you and a team of other Trainers battle a very strong Pokémon. If the team defeats this Pokémon, everyone gets a chance to capture it, some XP and some in-game items.

EX Raid Battles add a new twist to this. The creatures that you can capture are stronger. Also, you can’t participate in them without an invitation from the game itself, even if you do have a high Trainer Level.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Pokémon GO EX Raids. Use this information to master the game’s new mechanic and become an even better Trainer when the new mechanic launches.

How Pokémon GO EX Raids Work

If you’ve ever tried a Raid Battle at all, you will find EX Raids very familiar. In an EX Raid Battle, you and other Trainers battle a very powerful Pokémon. You can only capture them through working together.


How you setup an EX Raid Battle is different. EX Raid Battles are not open to everyone at a certain Trainer level. They only periodically happen around the world. Also, an EX Raid Battle requires an invitation to get into. The game handles these invitations itself, meaning there’s no way for you to force yourself into an EX Raid Battle.