Pokemon Go Just announced new way to discover Pokemon!

For many seasoned trainers the information is not breaking news, but Pokemon Go’s official twitter released a new message: You can now discover Pokemon by clicking on the gym.
That is right. If there is a Pokemon you have not discovered, such as Dragonite, then you now will discover him or her if said Pokemon resides in a gym near you.

But, are there problems with this?

It is no secret many players GPS-spoof for regional pokemon, but now when one encounters outer-regional Pokemon in local gyms there will be an added “seen” number to your Pokedex (for those unaware, every time you encounter a pokemon it is logged in your Pokedex).

Many users (rightfully) pride themselves in catching encountered Pokemon and have patiently awaited legal ways in catching regional exclusives, but will this only enable players to spoof for their Pokemon? Will this add social incentives adding these sort of Pokemon for Pokedex completion? We will find out.

Although this is not really a huge deal for the hardcore experienced players, it does provide a little added bonus for the light and casual players.