‘Pokémon GO’ Just Got Its Strangest Regional Exclusive Pokémon Yet

For reasons that remain unclear, Niantic still thinks that it’s a good idea to shoot holes in players’ Pokedexes by introducing more and more regional Pokémon into the game.

With the introduction of Gen 3, the new regionals were somewhat more straightforward. In the Americas to the west, Zangoose and Plusle are exclusive, everywhere else in the world, Seviper and Minun are exclusive. Not ideal, but if you cross the Atlantic or Pacific to go anywhere, you can find the other two.

But with yesterday’s release of 20 new water and ice type Gen 3 Pokémon, players are discovering that a new regional exclusive has been introduced into the game.

That would be Relicanth, a water/rock type fish that doesn’t evolve into anything, and is now the exclusive property of…New Zealand?

It is…more than a little strange to give one small country (and possibly some surrounding islands) its own exclusive, given that other exclusives are for entire continents, but that seems to be what’s happened here.

The reason for this is that New Zealand was not included in Australia’s Kangaskhan exclusivity, meaning it has had no regionals this entire time, other than the “hemisphere” regionals I mentioned earlier. But now, Relicanth will be its exclusive.