Pokemon GO: Level 40 banned from gyms?

In case you have not heard, many legit players are finally reaching level 40. Interesting enough, many various level 40 players have one thing in common: They’re unable to participate in gyms.

One Reddit user, Odelper, explained all of the top players are not able to interact whatsoever with gyms. Here is what he reports:

“So I became level 40 just about a week ago(JimmEpitts), and right around that time I started getting a weird gym error. It disabled all interactions with gyms, can’t check pokemon in them, can’t do anything gym related at all! Thought it would go away and it didn’t.

The weird part is other top players around the world also have this glitch. The one and only jdero, and a guy in Europe who hit 40 last night, along with 2 other 39-40 players im my city who actually have the glitch as well. We’ve tried everything as far as logging in on different devices and service providers and NOTHING works.

Sent in just about a million emails to niantic, obviously no answer from them…..so yea pretty crazy you reach the end and this is what happens….

Update-spoke with a Nintendo rep on the phone, they said niantic will not be dealing with any customer support issues in a nutshell………..”

This is most likely a programming glitch that will likely be addressed as it would make no sense banning higher-level players from gyms; more so, higher-tier players barely have any advantages at their level since CP leveling only increases approximately 15% between levels 30-40 (and costing a staggering 175,000 candy).

Until then, for leveling players, we caution reaching level 40 (if you happen to be close) until the issue is addressed. The grimer glitch lasted well over a month so there is no word on how long this could be an issue.