Pokemon GO: Region Exclusive Pokemon Clarified

Niantic CEO John Hanke responds to a fan on Twitter, clarifying whether or not region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO can be hatched from eggs anywhere in the world.

Even after one dedicated player caught all the Pokemon in North America in Pokemon GO, he still was short a few of the original 151 Pokemon. Besides the Pokemon that haven’t been added to the game at all yet, the player also lacked region-exclusive Pokemon that can only be found in specific parts of the Earth. It was said that these Pokemon could still be caught by players in other regions by hatching them from eggs, but Niantic CEO John Hanke has offered some clarification, confirming to an inquiring fan on Twitter that region-exclusive Pokemon can only be hatched from eggs obtained from PokeStops in their regions.

Unfortunately, this means that the majority of the Pokemon GO population simply won’t be able to “catch ’em all,” unless they dig out their passport and buy a plane ticket to another continent, of course. While this news may be disappointing for some that were hoping to fill out their Pokedex before new Pokemon are added to the game, at least they now won’t waste their time endlessly hatching eggs for Pokemon that are impossible for them to collect.

Even though some Pokemon are region-exclusive now, though, there may be a chance for fans to collect them in the future. Niantic could always release these Pokemon in other regions, or alternatively, make it possible to at least hatch them from eggs in other regions. If Pokemon trading is implemented and allows people to trade with others online, that is another way fans could potentially obtain region-exclusive Pokemon without having to break the bank with raveling fees.

If Pokemon trading doesn’t include online functionality, it should still theoretically make it easier for region-exclusive Pokemon to be caught by those in other countries. People that do travel overseas could bring with them multiples of their region-exclusive Pokemon to trade, which would start populating other regions of the world with the exclusives. Of course, this all depends on Niantic adding Pokemon trading to the game, which is a feature fans have been asking for ever since the game’s reveal trailer teased it.

Niantic is purposefully slow when it comes to adding features to Pokemon GO, but hopefully it fast tracks Pokemon trading to make it more likely for players to capture region-exclusive creatures. In the meantime, anyone from North America hoping to capture a Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, or Farfetch’d will have to go on an exotic vacation.

source: gamerant.com