Pokemon Go Story :1 Egg 500 Kilometers

Well 510 technically but that didn’t sound as cool.

500 kilometers and I finally did it. I got a DRAGONITE! The only dratini I have ever obtained was from a 10km egg a ways back. Right after the Halloween event if I recall. It had a dratini with 25 candies. Just enough for dragonair. I evolved him right after he hatched. No childhoods allowed. I was super excited, for about 30 seconds. I then realized that I had 100 more candy to go. Dratini never show up where I live. (rural player here) and in the small town I work at he’s just as rare. I’ve seen one Dragonite in my entire GO play time.

So I set him as my buddy right away. I’m a fairly active walker so why not? I did my daily routine for some weeks. Around this time I think the new babies had just come out. I got about halfway through the candy requirement and really got active with go. It wasn’t just something I used while walking/jogging. I made sure to not miss a daily stop spin. I looked up optimal move sets for pokemon, good defending sets and good attacking ones. I finally started scanning Ivs.(the dragonair is a 91% btw) I refused to let valor hold any gyms in the town I worked at. (They used to rule there but not anymore thanks to me) I basically went from a slightly casual player to playing it as much as a main series title. So of course I looked up dragonite’s moves to my horror I saw that he could get a terrible set. Steel wing and hyper beam. I began reading about people rolling this move set 3 to 5 times in a row.

I got scared. What if my dragonite rolled this? I know I won’t get another chance. Despite this I kept going with him. I was at the halfway point anyway. So today I got there. I hit the 100th candy. I hesitated clicking evolve. A terrible moveset could be awaiting me. Then I realized something. I didn’t really care what his moveset was. This dragon has been with me for close to 3 months. We’ve walked 500 kilometers together . That’s over 300 miles! So I did it. I clicked evolve and was greeted with my dragonite. Steel wing with dragon claw. Bittersweet or so I thought until I thought about future ice/fairy types taking super effective damage from steel wing.

Just wanted to share this journey I had. And now to walk 500 more kilometers to power him up.