Pokemon Go Trick: How To Achieve 100% Accuracy In Throwing Pokéball Using The New Glitch

Throwing a Poké ball is quite frustrating especially if you are consistently miss or when you missed catching a rare Pokémon. There are few different ways to throwing a Poké ball to catch a Pokémon and to tell you, none of them will guarantee a 100% accuracy to hit a Pokémon. One of the most common ways to throw a Poké ball is known as the curveball which will give you extra experience when you catch a Pokémon using that throwing technique. Another method is known as the L throw which is still working up to date.

Now, a new way to throw a Poke ball came out which was discovered by Bibs222 who claimed that this method guarantees a 100% accuracy. But some users commented that it is not a 100% but they agree that the accuracy is high compared to the usual way we throw a Poké ball.

There is a glitch in the game that allows 100% accurate throws regardless of how far the pokemon is. It is done by putting your finger at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, and then flicking straight up as you would any other pokeball throw. The pokeball will always hit the target. While this glitch cant be used for curve balls, it is still a helpful trick when needing to conserve pokeballs if you are running out.

Source: Reddit