‘Pokémon GO’ Will Add 100 New Gen 2 Pokémon, But When?

It’s always been sort of assumed that Pokémon GO was going to open itself up with Gen 2 Pokémon from the Gold/Silver era at some point, but recently, we received confirmation that it’s actually happening. A recent update has planted behind-the-scenes Pokedex data for a 100 new Gen 2 Pokémon, meaning that this is clearly something on Niantic’s mind, and it is actually happening at some point.

Many avid Pokémon GO players have already filled up their Pokedex, or if they haven’t, they’re getting dangerously close, with only a few more evolutions or wild finds to go. The infusion of 100 new Pokémon into the game, including evolutions for existing Pokémon, would be a refresh unlike any other before it. While Pokémon GO has been consistently adding new features like the Buddy System, this is essentially an expansion, practically a sequel, by introducing this many new Pokémon. If the Halloween Event was enough to get people playing again so that GO became the top-grossing app in the world once again, imagine what 100 Gold and Silver Gen 2 Pokémon will do.