The Regional Egg Hatching Mystery Has Been Solved

It has been a hotly debated subject. It seems everyone who plays Pokémon GO has heard from a friend of a friend that they hatched a Mr. Mime in North America. Maybe your friend’s third cousin’s former roommate claimed to have hatched a Farfetch’d.

Well, you can now officially call that person out on their lies!

The time of praying for a Mr. Mime from that egg has passed. Yesterday John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, confirmed via Twitter that the Pokémon within eggs will always be natural to the place where you picked them up. Meaning, an egg containing Mr. Mime must be picked up in Europe. Or an egg that will contain Farfetch’d must be picked up from Asia. You cannot get a Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d or Kangaskhan from an egg picked up in North America.

Twitter user @lady_maethoriel asked the question in a direct tweet to John Hanke.

Surprisingly, Hanke responded, thus clearing up the confusion. It is slightly disappointing to finally know the truth. The hope may be gone, but the determination is not! To become the best there ever was you must travel the world, collecting Pokémon from all corners of the earth. Better start booking your overseas vacation now!

Do you know anyone who claimed to have gotten a region-specific Pokémon from an egg? Do you plan to travel to catch Pokémon?