Top 5 Facts- Pokemon The First Movie!

5. The Movie made more than 163M$ worldwide. It’s 2016 now and that movie still holds the record for being the most commercially successful Pokemon movie. By comparison, its follow-ups, Pokemon: The Movie 2000 earned US$134M worldwide and Pokemon: The Movie 3 made US$68M. Currently, it’s number 6 on the highest grossing films list and is the number 1 highest grossing anime film from the 90’s!

It is notable that Pokemon is the only franchise that holds multiple positions in the top 10 highest grossing anime films with ‘ Pokemon: The Movie 2000 ‘ being number 10.


4. Like most other anime movies or series released back in the 90’s. Pokemon The First Movie had to be ‘Americanized ‘.

Nintendo had to give this responsibility to 4Kids Entertainment, and honestly, they did some cool fixes. Legend about Pokemon tears having mystical powers was only mentioned in the English version to give some sort of explanation and context for Ash’s resurrection in the finale.  In the Japanese version, it was never explained why the Pokemon were fighting without using any special move in the final battle, but English version fixed it and it was mentioned that Mewtwo was physically blocking all the special moves to make the fight more even.  However, some of the scenes were totally removed which can be considered as a negative side of the Americanizing.