Top Vegan Cities In The World 2017

Source: happycow

#1 Berlin

Although traditionally known for its beer gardens and brats, Berlin has recently developed a shining reputation as an international vegan mecca. Not only are there 55+ fully vegan and 320+ veg-friendly restaurants currently listed on HappyCow, but the word “vegan” can be seen advertised throughout the city on a diverse array of restaurants. Berliners are familiar with the widely accepted and practiced vegan lifestyle, and it’s incredibly easy to find options wherever you go. From stellar pizzas at La Stella Nera, world-class vegan döner kebab at Vöner der Vegetarische Döner, quality veggie burgers at Chaostheorie, creative gourmet cuisine at Lucky Leek or Kopps to healthier, raw vegan gourmet delights at Rawtastic, you’ll find any type of vegan dishes you are craving. Berlin has a street section, sometimes referred to as “the vegan avenue” called Warschauer Straße which boasts a vegan shoe store (Avesu), a vegan clothing store (Deargoods), and a branch of the largest vegan supermarket chain in Europe (originating in Berlin) called Veganz with Goodies Cafe inside and The Bowl vegan restaurant upstairs. If you can’t find what you are looking for at Avesu or Deargoods, you may want to head over to new vegan clothing store additions Loveco and Suessstoff. If you’re still craving sweets, you can check out gourmet cake shops I Am Delicious and Velicious, and if you’re seeking a permanent souvenir, you can even get a vegan tattoo at Lightworkers.

Berlin’s vegan scene continues to thrive and expand, and it’s a truly a fantastic city for vegans. The vast number of superb quality vegan offerings combined with the city’s vegan attitude makes Berlin our top pick for the world’s most vegan-friendly city.