Tyler Blevins Net Worth

Tyler Blevins Net Worth: The Twitch transmitter Tyler Blevins, known in the Twitch community as Ninja, has had a steady growth in popularity in recent months. The 26-year-old broadcast channel has received an influx of viewers in recent months.

Ninja started broadcasting again before Twitch.tv was Twitch.tv. He was a professional Halo player at that time, spending his time competing in tournaments and broadcasting when he had time. Since then, the Twitch transmitter has reached many transmission and life milestones. It has gained more than 40,000 subscribers on its Twitch channel, accumulated more than 60 million visits on its channel and has 1.8 million followers at the time of writing. Ninja also married his longtime girlfriend in 2017.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earned a net worth of $ 8 million through his career as a professional player. It currently has more than 170,000 Twitch subscribers who earn around $ 350,000 per month. It also has more than 4.4 million YouTube subscribers, which generates even more money each month.