Vis a vis Macarena Ferreiro Molina

Macarena Ferreiro Molina is a woman who enters the Cruz del Sur prison because her former boss and mistress had tricked her into carrying out a scam, making a property uprising, money laundering and misappropriating the company where she worked.


Of docile aspect and of a fragile beauty, Macarena Ferreiro has always behaved according to the patterns of the foreseeable. Until for love, in this case his superior, manipulated accounts and embezzled money from the company where he worked.

Without time to react, she was accused of five fiscal crimes, and held in prison awaiting trial. Inside prison, Macarena, how could it be otherwise, is a fish out of water. A modesita in a world of wolves, with rules very different from those of life in the city. A place where you will soon discover that the chances of surviving the seven years that they ask for condemnation, go through change.

Evolve and become another very different person. It is the transformation of a harmless person, apparently incapable of doing harm, into a survivor who leaves aside his scruples.